Monday, November 17, 2008

Next Drink'n'Think: 2009

Sorry to the 3 people who look at this blog for the tardy post. The emphasis on Drink in Drink'n'Think was in full force last thursday. We would like to particularly thank the Douchebags for providing us with libations for the rest of the evening. The Nutcutters established themselves as the reigning kings of Drink'n'Think last week. Not only do they now share the most wins ever with Lazy Genius, they set a record for most correct answers...ever (43). Thanks to everyone who came out and supported DnT. We will be taking a break for Thanksgiving. See you in 2009.

Questions from the last DnT:


[HISTORY] What airline started out as the first crop-dusting outfit to battle boll weevils?

(Delta Airlines)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What nation has 1,000 permanent inhabitants and produces no export goods?
(Vatican City)

[SPORTS] What's an NBA player deemed to be if he's received the Maurice Podoloff Trophy?

(Most Valuable Player)

[LITERATURE] What famous author died on the day of the 2008 election at the age of 66?

(Michael Crichton)

[POLITICS] What outfit has troops known as Blue Helmets?

(The United Nations)

[MUSIC] What Allman Brothers anthem announces: "When it's time to leave I hope you'll understand"?
(Ramblin' Man)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Gerard Rocco Damiano, aka Jerry Gerard, who died last month at the age of 80, is most famous for launching the 1970s craze of porno chic with what movie?

(Deep Throat)

[CINEMA/ TELEVISON] Who appeared in Return of the Killer Tomatoes before he landed a role on ER?

(George Clooney)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Nine percent of Louisiana's voters cast ballots early for 2008 election, setting a new record for early voting in the state. How many people voted early?

A.) 253,000

B.) 278,000

C.) 266,000

(Secretary of State's Office says more than 266,000 people voted early)

[MISCELLANEOUS] What element begins with the letter "K"?


[HISTORY] What president's face appears on the $100,000 bill?

(Woodrow Wilson)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What does the "SPF" stand for on sunscreen containers?
(Sun Protection factor)

[SPORTS] What former #1 pick in the NFL and current West Texas A&M quarterback coach resigned last week after asking a player for pain killers?

(Ryan Leaf)

[LITERATURE] What popular teen book series main characters include Kristy Thomas, Mary Anne Spier, Claudia Kishi, and Stacey McGill, who all live in the fictional town of Stoneybrook, Connecticut.

(The Baby-Sitters Club)

[POLITICS] What political movement got its name from the hill in Jerusalem boasting the Temple of Solomon?

[MUSIC] What album slated to be officially released on November 23rd has been two decades and $13 millions dollars in the making?

(Chinese Democracy by Guns’n’Roses)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Voters in California last week agreed to bankroll a multi-billion dollar high-speed railway system to connect what two major cities?

(San Francisco to Los Angeles)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What director cast himself as the voice of God in 1956's The Ten Commandments?

(Cecil B. De Mille.)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] According to the American Press, who was the first non-Louisiana U.S. senator to tour areas damaged by Hurricane Rita?

(Joe Biden)

[MISCELLANEOUS] Which one of the 5 boroughs of New York voted to secede from New York in 1993?

(Staten Island)


[HISTORY] What state has hosted the most nuclear tests in the U.S.?

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] How many books of the Bible are named for women?
(2 - Ruth and Esther)

[SPORTS] In 2008, what Texas Rangers shortstop became the first infielder to win a Gold Glove from a team with the worst fielding percentage in the majors?

(Michael Young)

[LITERATURE] What does the title character in "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" hang around his neck?

(A dead albatross)

[POLITICS] What former secretary of state said: "The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes longer."?
(Henry Kissinger)

[MUSIC] What famous country singer was an inmate at San Quentin back in '58, when Johnny Cash performed his first concert there?

(Merle Haggard)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Who congratulated Barack Obama on his election win -- the first time an Iranian leader has offered such wishes to a U.S. president-elect since the 1979 Islamic Revolution?

(Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What two cartoon mice attempt every night to take over the world from their cages in Acme Labs?
(Pinky and the Brain)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] What small city in Vermilion Parish is often referred to as "The most Cajun place on earth".


[MISCELLANEOUS] What items are usually found in a container called a quiver?

(arrows, darts, crossbow bolts)


[HISTORY] What's the submachine gun invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1947 better known as?
(The AK47)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What Entertainment Tonight star's voice did the New England Journal of Medicine claim triggered epileptic seizures? (Also popularized in a Seinfeld episode)

(Mary Hart)

[SPORTS] What New Jersey Devils goaltender had surgery last Thursday to repair his torn left bicep near the elbow?

(Martin Brodeur)

[LITERATURE] What literary and cultural critic, once praised by Kurt Vonnegut as the smartest man who ever lived, died at age 69 last week?

(John Leonard)

[POLITICS] What does C-SPAN stand for?

(Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network)

[MUSIC] Who adorned his last piano with 350 pounds of rhinestones?

[CURRENT EVENTS] What automaker shook an already embattled auto industry last week when it reported a 4.2 billion dollar loss and warned it is in danger of running out of cash in the coming months.


[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What is the only feature film by Kevin Smith that is neither set nor shot in his native state, New Jersey?

(Zack and Miri make a porno)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Louisiana is divided into how many parishes?

A.) 64

B.) 66

C.) 63


[MISCELLANEOUS] When Thomas Edison died in 1931 his son Charles captured his dying breath in a sealed tube by request for what famous American?

(Henry Ford/ It is on display as we speak at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Next Drink'n'Think: November 13th @ Nate's

Well, it was a rowdy welcome to our temporary home at Nate's Place. Considering we were without a microphone, battling hecklers, and inhaling second-hand smoke at an alarming level, the night was a success. Congratulations to the NutCutters! This team remained in control each round to take home the pot.

Hopefully we will have a mic for our next trivia night. Thanks to everyone for supporting us at our new venue. Until Rikenjaks or 710 are back up and running Drink'n'Think is on tour.

Questions from last night:


[HISTORY] Which Viking came first, Erik the Red or Leif Eriksson?
(Leif was in fact Erik's son)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What prominent military saint is the patron saint of herpes, syphilis, sheep and the Portuguese navy among others?
(St. George of Lydda)

[SPORTS] In what year did the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Kansas City Royals to capture their only World Series title in franchise history?

[LITERATURE] In what Euripides' play does the main character enact revenge on her husband, Jason, by killing their children?

[POLITICS] During the presidential election, Barack Obama has been connected to Bill Ayers, co-founder of what radical left organization, which conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings during the 1960s and 1970s.
(The Weather Underground)

[MUSIC] Who wrote most of the lyrics for Elton John in the 70's?
(Bernie Taupin)

[CURRENT EVENTS] On October 10th, what state became the 3rd state to legalize gay marriage, behind Massachusetts and California?

[CINEMA/ TELEVISON] What academy award winning actresses’ mother and brother were fatally shot last week on Chicago’s south side?
(Jennifer Hudson)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Calcasieu residents could have participated in early voting at what location in Lake Charles?
(Second floor of the Calcasieu Courthouse at the Registrar of Voters Office)
[MISCELLANEOUS] According to Extreme Chocolate’s annual survey, What was the most popular Halloween candy in 2004?
A: Snickers, B: Candy Corn, C: M&Ms, D: Tootsie Rolls
(Candy Corn)


[HISTORY] On this day in 1938, this radio dramatist caused mass hysteria and frightened tens of thousands of listeners when the play War of the Worlds was aired on Radio?
(Orson Welles)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What planet is the brightest object in the sky, after the sun and moon?

[SPORTS] Name 1 of the 3 New Orleans Saints players reportedly among several players who have violated the NFL steroids policy last week?
(Deuce McAllister, Will Smith and Charles Grant)

[LITERATURE] Gustave Flaubert's tale of this born seductress trapped in a dull village with a dull husband defined the techniques of the modern novel.
(Madame Bovary)

[POLITICS] Last week it was reported that in the early 1980s John McCain served on the advisory board of what organization? A group that was involved in funding militant anti-communists, espoused some anti-Semitic views, and had its charitable organization tax exemption revoked by the IRS.
(U.S. Council on World Freedom)

[MUSIC] What rock and roll legend trained as a beautician at the Poro College of Cosmetology in St. Louis in 1952 before entering the music scene?
(Chuck Berry)

[CURRENT EVENTS] A new study released in the Oct. 24th issue of the journal Science suggests that this daily activity may control blood pressure.
(Farting - relaxes the blood vessels to prevent hypertension)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What horror movie features a serial killer wearing a mask inspired by an Edvard Munch painting?

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] The Lake Charles Police Department has seen an increase in incidents between officers and people under the influence of what drug since Hurricane Ike, according to Chief Don Dixon

[MISCELLANEOUS] According to legend, Jack-o-lanterns originated in Ireland to keep away spirits and ghosts. Originally, people placed candles in hollowed-out what?

A. Pumpkins B. Watermelons C. Turnips D. Potato



[HISTORY] Before the 984 foot high Eiffel Tower was built in 1889, what was the tallest building in the world at 555 feet?
(The Washington Monument)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] How many men held the title of Pope during the 20th Century?
They were: Leo XIII (1878-1903), St. Pius X (1903-1914), Benedict XV (1914-1922), Pius XI (1922-1939), Pius XII (1939-1958), Blessed John XXIII (1958-1963), Paul VI (1963-1978), John Paul I (1978) and John Paul II (1978-2005). Leo XIII is included on this list because his papacy overlapped into the early 20th Century.

[SPORTS] On this day in 1974, Muhammad Ali knocked out what fighter in the eighth round of a 15-round bout in Kinshasa, Zaire ("rumble in the jungle") to regain his world heavyweight title?
(George Foreman)

[LITERATURE] What fiction writer’s body of work is largely incomplete, published after his death, and includes such stories as The Trial and The Castle?
(Franz Kafka)

[POLITICS] Who is the current president of Mexico?
(Felipe Calderón)

[MUSIC] What Zanzibar-born British musician was born on September 5, 1946 with the name Farrokh Bulsara?
(Freddie Mercury)

[CURRENT EVENTS] On October 1st, the U.S. Senate voted 86 to 13 to end the ban on trading nuclear fuel with what country?
(India) The ban was imposed by the U.S. in 1974 after India tested a nuclear weapon.

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What 80's Pro-Wrestler was turned into a G.I. Joe character?
(Sgt. Slaughter)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Last week, members of the Department of Environmental Quality Statewide Committee explained to city officials that Lake Charles is one point away from not complying with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s standards regarding what type of pollution?
(Smog – air standards for ozone/ Lake Charles has a 75 rating, with 76 being the level for "non-

[MISCELLANEOUS] According to secret files made public by the National Archives in London,
two U.S. fighter planes were ordered to shoot down what over the English countryside during the Cold War?
(A UFO/ One pilot, Milton Torres, now 77, said it spent periods motionless in the sky before
reaching estimated speeds of more than 7,600 mph)


[HISTORY] Name 1 of the 3 presidents who have died on July 4th?
(John Adams and Thomas Jefferson in 1826, and James Monroe in 1831)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What weather phenomenon is measured by the Beaufort scale?

[SPORTS] Oklahoma City will debut their new NBA basketball franchise this year under what name?
(Oklahoma City Thunder)

[LITERATURE] Although the poem consists of over 30 characters, the Illiad’s main character is who?

[POLITICS] Who is the current Secretary-General of the United Nations?
(Ban Ki-moon)

[MUSIC] Who was the only female solo artist to have a #1 hit single without releasing an album?
(Lisa Loeb. She had a #1 hit with the song Stay. Stay landed on her debut album "Tails" in 1995)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Last Friday it was announced that this person will retire as Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the end of the year?
(Stephen Hawkings)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What famous horror series, beginning at Camp Crystal Lake, is being resurrected in 2009?
(Friday the 13th)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] What is the official state dog of Louisiana?
(The Catahoula Leopard Dog, often called the Catahoula Hound)

[MISCELLANEOUS] A dime has how many ridges around the edge?

A.) 115 B.) 118 C.) 123


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Drink'n'Think: October 30th, 8:00 P.M. @ Nate's Place

We are back. Come on out and join us at our new venue: Nate's Place. We have a new night (Thursday) and a new time (trivia starts at 8:00 p.m.). Everything else remains the same.

See you Thursday!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We are on hiatus...

until the downtown can keep a venue open for more than one year at at time. For those of you who don't know, 710 is changing owners and will be closed until further notice. In the meantime, we are exploring other options.

We will keep you posted through email and this blog.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Next Drink'n'Think: Monday, October 27th [AT 710]

We concluded our final Drink'n'Think at Rikenjaks. Although it was only 3 rounds, we ended the night in our first tie. Etc. and Sons of Son equaled each other through 10 tie breaker questions before it was called a tie. Thanks to everyone for playing.

We will be trying out our new venue 710! We will keep our loyal participants updated through this blog and our email list.

Here are the questions from last night:


[HISTORY] What plant's 1986 meltdown was dubbed "Russian Roulette" by nuclear power critics?

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What religion claims to have been founded in the 1950s by the world's greatest salesman J. R. "Bob" Dobbs?

(The Church of the SubGenius)

[SPORTS] What basketball team was the first in major league sports to be named for an insect?
(The Charlotte Hornets)

[LITERATURE] What is the name of the the family in John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath?

(The Joads)

[POLITICS] Two weeks ago, the vice presidential debate was held at what university?

(Washington University in St. Louis)

[MUSIC] What band will be playing the halftime show at Superbowl XLII in February?

(Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Recently, search and rescue workers found the wreckage of this millionaire’s airplane, but no sign of the adventurer-aviator body.

(Steven Fossett)

[CINEMA/ TELEVISON] What director of “House of a 1000 Corpses” was also a production assistant on Pee-Wee’s Play House?

(Rob Zombie)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] On October 3rd, Louisiana recorded its first death this year from what virus?

(West Nile virus)

[MISCELLANEOUS] What's short for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation"?


[HISTORY] What optical aids was nearsighted model Grace Robin the first to show off in 1930?

(contact lenses)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What planet is named after the Greek god who personified the sky?


[SPORTS] What homerun hitter, who currently plays for the Oakland Athletics, is known as "The Big Hurt"?
(Frank Thomas)

[LITERATURE] Blindness is a 2008 dramatic thriller film that is an adaptation of the 1995 novel of the same name by what author?

(José Saramago)

[POLITICS] What Irish political movement is named after a phrase meaning "we ourselves"?
(Sinn Fein)

[MUSIC] This band will reunite next year when they invade the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia for a trio of shows on March 6-8th, 2009.


[CURRENT EVENTS] Last month, professor George Kakoma, the composer of what country’s National Anthem, sued his government for the violation of his copyright for over 40 years.


[CINEMA/TELEVISION] In the 2003 movie Coffee and Cigarettes, name 1 of the 2 rappers who sip herbal tea and have a conversation with Bull Murray about the dangers of nicotine.

(GZA or RZA)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Name any 1 of the 4 candidates who ran for Calcasieu Parish District Judge, Division H

(Cynthia Clay Guillory – Lands

Lydia Guillory Lee

Ron Ware

Assistant District Attorney Sharon Wilson)

[MISCELLANEOUS] What's the University of Paris more commonly called?

(The Sorbonne)


[HISTORY] What type of vessel was powered by a hand-cranked propeller when first used in combat in 1176?
(A submarine)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What religious movement accepts both Jesus Christ and Haile Selassie as incarnations of God, considers Marcus Garvey a prophet, and celebrates the spiritual use of marijuana?

(The Rastafari movement)

[SPORTS] What football league had expansion teams in Baltimore, Las Vegas and Shreveport for the 1994 season?
(The Canadian Football League)

[LITERATURE] What is the name of Tom Sawyer's love interest?

(Becky Thatcher)

[POLITICS] Who is the current Secretary of Defense?

(Robert M. Gates)

[MUSIC] With the Red Hot Chili Peppers on a hiatus, bassist Flea has enrolled in what university’s music program hoping to better understand the “math and academics” of musical structure.

(University of Southern California)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Two decades after his single hit the top spot in 16 countries, this singer

has become a surprise contender for best act ever at this year's MTV Europe Music Awards.

(Rick Astley)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What actress portrayed Jen Lindley on the television show “Dawson’s Creek”?

(Michelle Williams)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] What fashon designer, who was born in 1927 in Haynesville, Louisiana, became one of New York’s top designers and designed the wedding gown worn by Lynda Bird Johnson, daughter of former President Lyndon B. Johnson?
(Geoffrey Beene)

[MISCELLANEOUS] This month, news went around that this Wild Wild West actor is in talks with Marvel to direct the first-ever feature film starring Thor

(Kenneth Branagh)

Tie-Breaker Questions

[HISTORY] What suntan lotion was developed by Dr. Ben Green in 1944 to protect pilots who bailed out over the Pacific? It is still sold today.

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What do leukemia sufferers have too many of?
(White blood cells, or leukocyte).

[SPORTS] What NHL team plays in an arena called The Pond?
(The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim)

[LITERATURE] In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, why is the Earth destroyed?

(To make way for an intergalactic expressway)

[POLITICS] McCain graduated from what college in 1958?

(U.S. Naval Academy/ Navy’s undergraduate college)

[MUSIC] Whose pop parody career includes the hits Addicted to Spuds and White and Nerdy?
(Weird Al Yankovic).

[CURRENT EVENTS] Earlier this month, it was reported that this pop singer’s is suing her ex-boyfriend for trying to sell a sex tape the couple made together for $9 million.

(Brittney Spears – Louisiana’s own)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What 1987 movie’s tagline read: She thought babysitting was easy money - until she started hanging out with the Andersons?

(Adventure’s in babysitting)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Name 1 of Louisiana’s 5 most popular baby names for a girl in 2005.

[MISCELLANEOUS] Awarded by the editors of the Annals of Improbable Research, Deborah Anderson received a chemistry prize for a 1985 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine that found this beverage is an effective spermicide .


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Next Drink'n'Think: October 14th

What a night! With the financial bailout plan in limbo, the good people of Lake Charles spent their money freely last night. We almost eclipsed our highest pot ever as the winner walked with $102. Speaking of the winner, Etc. barely escaped with a victory Karma Is A Bitch. A big thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting Drink'n'Think. We expect to see all of you back on October 14th!

However, I can make no guarantees that Road House will be playing on the television over the bar in closed captioning.

Here are the questions from last night:


[HISTORY] Who is credited with “discovering” Cuba in the 15th century?
Cristóbal Colón (aka Christopher Columbus) claimed Cuba for Spain on
October 29th, 1492

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] A new University of Georgia study suggests that online social networking sites such as Facebook might be useful tools for detecting what psychological disorder?

[SPORTS] What major league baseball team recently clinched the franchise’s very first playoff berth?
(Tampa Bay Rays)

[LITERATURE] This author, who penned Infinite Jest, hung himself on September 12th at the age of 46.
(David Foster Wallace)

[POLITICS] What private group is suing Dick Cheney and the Executive Office of the President in an effort to ensure that no presidential records are destroyed at the end of the Bush Administration?
(Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington)

[MUSIC] What former American Idol winner [runner-up] recently came out of the closet?
(Clay Aiken)

[CURRENT EVENTS] In two days, 34 skydivers from 14 countries will attempt to parachute jump from an aircraft flying 465 feet above the summit of what mountain? The first attempt in the history of the world.
(Mount Everest)

[CINEMA/ TELEVISON] After multiple delays, Mel Brooks' cartooned sequel to his Star Wars spoof film finally aired in the United States. What is the name of the spoof?

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] A recent audit shows that that THIS Parish should repay FEMA 3.4 million dollars it received to shelter victims of Hurricane Katrina three years ago.

[MISCELLANEOUS] People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently sent a letter to Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, cofounders of Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc., urging them to replace cow's milk they use in their ice cream products with this substitute?
(Human breast milk - PETA believes it would lessen the suffering of dairy cows and their babies on factory farms and benefit human health)


[HISTORY] On this day in 1452 the very first book was published on a printing press. What was it?
Johann Guttenberg's Bible

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] Who is the founder and president of Focus on the Family, a group dedicated to defending the God-ordained institution of the family and promoting biblical truths worldwide?
(James Dobson)

[SPORTS] This unpopular Detroit Lions president and GM was fired recently, after compiling a 31-84 record and never reaching the playoffs.
(Matt Millen)

[LITERATURE] A library in Western France recently discovered an undocumented music fragment among their collection that has been verified as the work of this composer?

[POLITICS] This Liberal Democratic Party candidate was recently elected the new Prime Minister of Japan.
(Taro Aso)

[MUSIC] What 1980s rap act, along with Metallica and the Stooges, are among the nine nominees for next year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class?
(Run D.M.C.)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Which 1 of the 3 richest men in the world came to the rescue of Goldman Sachs with a $5 billion cash infusion last week?
(Warren Buffet)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What show recently won the Emmy for “outstanding drama series”?
(Mad Men)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Worried that welfare costs are rising as the number of taxpayers declines, Louisiana state representative John LaBruzzo (R-Metairie) announced he is studying a plan to pay poor women $1,000 to do what?
(Have their fallopian tubes tied/ Sterilization)

[MISCELLANEOUS] Cadillac recently announced the world premiere of this vehicle, the world's first fuel-saving hybrid applied to a large luxury SUV.
(Escalade Hybrid)


[HISTORY] What does the D in D-Day stand for?
(Designated) It stands for the Designated Day for Operation Overlord,
the code name for the Allied invasion of Northern France, during World War II.

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] The average whale shark has how many rows of teeth?
A.) 200
B.) 300
C.) 400


[SPORTS] The welterweight showdown between Manny Pacquiao and this boxer, scheduled for December, has sold $17 million dollars worth of tickets. The total makes this fight the second-biggest gate in boxing history.
(Oscar De La Hoya).

[LITERATURE] Today this author, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 and authored “Night”, turns 80 years old.
(Elie Wiesel)

[POLITICS] Earlier this month, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart sent a cease and desist notice to the McCain-Palin campaign over their use of what song?

[MUSIC] What Pop singer was recently arrested in a public toilet in London for alleged drug possession?
(George Michael)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Recently, a nuclear-powered flagship set off for Venezuela with a submarine destroyer and two support vessels in this country’s first naval mission in Latin America since the end of the Cold War.

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] George Takei recently married his partner of 21 years, Brad Altman, in Los Angeles. What character on Star Trek did George Takei play?
(Mr. Sulu/ Captain Hikaru Sulu)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] What company recently pleaded guilty in federal court for violating environmental laws in connection with the massive 2006 oil spill that closed down 20 miles of the Calcasieu River and three area lakes for weeks?

[MISCELLANEOUS] Big Brother, a 4-year-old elephant, recently completed rehab in China, after illegal poachers fed him bananas spiked with what drug in order to control him?


[HISTORY] What city was the first capital?
(New York City) In 1789, New York City was selected as the first capital of the United States, but just a year later the capital was moved to Philadelphia.

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What religious group believes that in 1914 the time of the Gentiles ended and Jesus became King of God's heavenly Kingdom?
(Jehovah’s Witnesses)

[SPORTS] David Kalb, a warehouse worker from California, used some trick shots and benefiting from some lucky misses, recently defeated this NBA star in a game of H-O-R-S-E.
(LeBron James)

[LITERATURE] Choke comes out in theaters this weekend and is based on the novel by what author?
(Chuck Palahniuk)

[POLITICS] Sarah Palin received her Bachelor of Science degree in communications-journalism from what university in 1987?
(University of Idaho)

[MUSIC] This former Blink – 182 drummer received second and third degree burns last week when his Learjet crashed in South Carolina.
(Travis Barker)

[CURRENT EVENTS] The number of babies in this country hospitalized due to adulterated milk products and infant formula reaches 13,000 last week.

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What was the Saved By The Bell television series with Hayley Mills originally called?
(Good Morning, Miss Bliss)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Name 1 of Louisiana’s 2 state songs.
(Give Me Louisiana and You Are My Sunshine)

[MISCELLANEOUS] Next year, this specific U.S currency will be getting a new look, the first changes to this monetary unit in 50 years.
(The penny)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Next Drink'n'Think: September 30th

It was a small gathering on Tuesday as Lake Charles recovered from Hurricane Ike. Team Etc. walked with an eye-popping $27. Hopefully Drink'n'Think will be back to Category 3 strength at the next show.



[HISTORY] Though she let this slip in a 2002 autobiography, last month the U.S. national archives confirmed her participation as a spy during the Second World War.
(Julia Childs)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] Born in Holland on April 18th, 1380, Saint Lydwina of Schiedam is the patron saint of what activity?
(ice skating or roller Skating)

[SPORTS] During the 2008 Olympics, the 12-years old record of Michael Johnson in 200m run was broken by who?
(Usain Bolt)

[LITERATURE] What MIT professor won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize in fiction for his debut novel, “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”?
(Junot Diaz)

[POLITICS] Joe Biden, announced as Obama’s vice presidential choice last month, is a senator from what state?

[MUSIC] “Souled Out” is the single off of the new solo album from this Bright Eyes lead singer?
(Conor Oberst)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Microsoft is paying what comedian 10 million dollars to appear in their advertisements with Bill Gates?
(Jerry Seinfeld)

[CINEMA/ TELEVISON] Before directing Starship Troopers in 1997, Paul Verhoeven directed what move starring both Arnold Schwarzenneger and Sharon Stone?
(Total Recall)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Pinnacle Entertainment's top man says work will begin in "a few weeks" on the first phase of this $350 million project in Lake Charles.
(Sugar Cane Bay Resort)

[MISCELLANEOUS] Starring Bill Boyd, this show was the first western series on television.
(Hopalong Cassidy/ aired on November 28, 1948)


[HISTORY] On this day in 1969, what was installed at Chemical Bank in New York City for the first time in America.
(The first ATM)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] A new survey of this city's seismic history going back to the late 17th century revealed that an earthquake seems to be overdue, putting into question the future of the Tappan Zee Bridge.
(New York City)

[SPORTS] Who won the men's singles tennis competition at the Olympic Games in 2008?
(Rafael Nadal)

[LITERATURE] Although he was married for 64 years, this author - who penned “The Heart of the Matter” and “The Quiet American” - slept with numerous prostitutes and conducted a sequence of brief affairs in addition to keeping four long-term mistresses.
(Graham Greene)

[POLITICS] Who the Libertarian Party's presidential nominee for the upcoming election?
(Bob Barr)

[MUSIC] What singer, who turned 50 last month, recently opened the "Sticky & Sweet" tour at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales?

[CURRENT EVENTS] What technological product is expected to sell 3.5 million units in Russia over the next two years, according to market sources familiar with new deals being struck by Russian manufacturers?

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What actor played Luke Brower in Growing Pain for 22 episodes between 1991-1992?
(Leonardo Di Caprio)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] According to the newly released 2007 Census statistics for Louisiana, what parish is the most populated parish in Louisiana?
(East Baton Rouge Parish – 430, 317)

[MISCELLANEOUS] What is the most widely traded spice in the world, making up close to 1/5 of all spice imports? [Warning: salt is not considered a spice]
(Black Pepper/ Peppercorns)


[HISTORY] What company name was created by Alice Stead Binney, who took the French words for chalk and oily and combined them?
(craie + oleaginous = Crayola)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] This religion is the native religion of Japan and was once its state religion.

[SPORTS] The U.S. basketball team beat Spain to claim the gold medal, but who won the bronze medal?

[LITERATURE] What horror author made his feature film acting debut in Creepshow, playing Jordy Verrill, a backwoods redneck who, after touching a fallen meteor in hopes of selling it, grows moss all over his body?
(Stephen King)

[POLITICS] Who is the current prime minister of Spain?
(José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero)

[MUSIC] Recently, while filming a movie in Louisiana, this musician’s Long Island residence, housing his ex-girlfriend and son, suspiciously burned down?
(50 Cent)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Last month, Flight 5022 crashed immediately after takeoff from Barajas Airport in what country, killing approximately 150 people on board.

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] Vin Diesel recently reported that he will be directing a 20 minute prequel to what film, co-starring Paul Walker and the fourth film in the Universal franchise.
(Fast and the Furious)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] What former Louisiana state representative, who regularly carried baskets of peaches to other legislators during his 16 years at the State Capitol, died last month at the age of 82.
(Rep. Julius A. Blount)

[MISCELLANEOUS] The Goodyear Blimp is the collective name for a fleet of blimps operated by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. Today there are three blimps in the fleet. Name one.
(Spirit of America, based in Carson, California)
(Spirit of Goodyear, based in Suffield Township, Ohio)
(Spirit of Innovation, based in Pompano Beach, Florida)


[HISTORY] Modeled on intelligence tests administered by the U.S. Army in World War I, the College Board first administered the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in what decade?
(The 1920s - June 1926)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] The type of mirror that resembles the inner surface of a spoon is called what?

[SPORTS] In 1993, what NFL team made off-season trades for Joe Montana and Marcus Allen?
(Kansas City Chiefs)

[LITERATURE] This children’s author who penned “A Light in the Attic” also wrote a rap version of Shakespeare's Hamlet that was published in Playboy magazine in 1998.
(Shel Silverstein)

[POLITICS] The symbol of the donkey for the democratic party is historically linked to what president who ran for president in 1828, and was labeled a "jackass" for his populist views and his slogan, "Let the people rule."
(Andrew Jackson)

[MUSIC] In 1961, this musician was the first artist to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.
(Hank Williams)

[CURRENT EVENTS] This team held on for a 4-3 win over Lake Charles, Louisiana in the consolation game of the Little League World Series

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] Actor Matthew Modine said the following line in what 1987 film: “I wanted to meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture, and kill them."?
(Private Joker/ Full Metal Jacket)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] This comedian, whose most famous movie role was Javier in “Born in East L.A.,” is performing at the Isle of Capri on September 13th.
(Paul Rodriguez)

[MISCELLANEOUS] 31.1 million viewers watched Phelp’s break the record. However, NBC said it still was not as large an audience as on Saturday, Feb. 24, 1990, when 31.4 million viewers watched what television show?
(The Golden Girls spin-off Empty Nest starring Richard Mulligan)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Next Drink'n'Think: September 16th

Hurricane Gustav knocked us off our game a few weeks ago. However, we will return September 16th to rain down trivia goodness on Lake Charles.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We're Famous...Well, Sort Of

Thanks to Shea for writing us up the McNeese Contraband. See full article here

Last semester on occasional Tuesday nights, a group of McNeese faculty took over Rikenjaks for their own devices. Now the group, Drink n Think, offers trivia competitions every other Tuesday night. Professors Alex Scorpan and Josh Finnell put on an entertaining four round show where competitors pay three dollars to test their knowledge on subjects ranging from local events to Russian utopian literature. The winning team receives two thirds of the collected fees. The Romanian Trivia Czar, Scorpan, verbally assaults players with witty humor injected into questions. Students of McNeese, here is your chance to show the faculty members that attend this event that you actually do possess the ability to think and express yourself intelligently.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Next Drink'n'Think: September 2nd

Congratulations to the Dirty Briefs for taking home the pot yesterday after several, I mean several, tries. In addition to winning for the first time they also managed to set a Drink'n'Think record for most total points scored (41). Well done. Thanks to Shea for being our first ever Drink'n'Think intern and for writing us up in the paper! Of course, as always, thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting D'n'T.

Questions from last night:


[HISTORY] Born in Cypress on this day in 1963, he is best known as Jesse from the band “Jesse and the Rippers.”
(John Stamos)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What is the world’s largest body of water?
(The Pacific Ocean - 155,556,651 sq km)

[SPORTS] This Cincinatti reds outfielder was recently traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks for three minor league prospects.
(Adam Dunn)

[LITERATURE] This Russian novelist, dramatist and historian, whose most popular work was the Gulag Archipelago, passed away on August 3rd.
(Alexander Solzhenitsyn)

[POLITICS] In an August 8th interview with Bob Woodruff, this former presidential candidate admitted to having an extra-marital affair with former campaign worker Rielle Hunter?
(John Edwards)

[MUSIC] This former Pantera guitarist, who was killed onstage at a Damageplan show on December 8, 2004 in Ohio, recently received a tribute at Ozzfest.
(Dimebag Darryl)

[CURRENT EVENTS] One of The Original Kings of Comedy and co-starring in Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen, he died on August 9th from complications of pneumonia.
(Bernie Mac)

[CINEMA/ TELEVISON] This man tight-roped walked across the top of Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Louisiana Superdome, and the Twin-Towers (before their destruction) and was recently featured in the documentary “Man On A Wire.”
(Phillip Pettit)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Earlier this month, Louisiana became the last state to outlaw what? A move that enthusiasts say marks the end of a rich rural tradition.
(Cockfighting or rooster fights)

[MISCELLANEOUS] The scholarly study of flags is known by what term?


[HISTORY] What former beekeeper scaled Mount Everest?
(Sir Edmund Hillary)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What religion was Adolf Hitler raised in and was reported to profess?
(Roman Catholicism)

[SPORTS] Who did Bobby Fischer beat to win the world chess championship in 1972?
(Boris Spassky)

[LITERATURE] Whose books include Breakfast of Champions, Cat’s Cradle, and Slapstick?
(Kurt Vonnegut)

[POLITICS] In his new book “The Way of the World,” released on August 5, what journalist claims that George Bush knew Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and ordered the CIA to forge documents linking Saddam Houssein to al-Qaeda?
(Ron Suskind)

[MUSIC] Best known for his work for the 1971 blaxploitation film Shaft, he passed away August 10th at the age of 65.
(Isaac Hayes)

[CURRENT EVENTS] On the opening day of the Olympics, Russia invaded what country – claiming a humanitarian intervention.

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What television show starring Claire Danes ran for only 19 episodes in 1994 before being cancelled?
(My So-Called Life)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] What singer, scheduled to play at the Rosa Hart Theatre on March 13th, yelled over the microphone at Woodstock: “The New York Thruway is closed, man!”
(Arlo Guthrie)

[MISCELLANEOUS] What book was Mark David Chapman carrying when he shot John Lennon?
(Catcher in the Rye)/ He was recently denied parole for a 5th time this last week.


[HISTORY] What plan to rebuild Europe was unveiled on June 5, 1947?
(The Marshall Plan)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] A toxic food additive, what does MSG stand for?
(Monosodium Glutamate)

[SPORTS] How many lanes does an Olympic swimming pool have?

[LITERATURE] Who was Don Quixote’s sidekick?
(Sancho Panza)

[POLITICS] The third of Pakistan's four provincial assemblies passed a resolution last week calling for this president to step down or face impeachment.
(President Pervez Musharraf)

[MUSIC] What song features the lyrics, “And my time is a piece of wax fallin on a termite
That’s chokin on the splinters”?
(Loser by Beck)

[CURRENT EVENTS] He recently won the 2008 PGA Championship, becoming the first European to do so in 78 years.
(Pádraig Harrington)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What musician did Cate Blanchett play in the 2007 film, “I’m Not There”?
(Bob Dylan)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] This team become the first United States team to earn a berth in the 2008 Little League Baseball World Series by rallying for an 8-7 extra-inning win over Lamar American earlier this month.
(South Lake Charles)

[MISCELLANEOUS] What suspect in the game of Clue teaches college?
(Professor Plum)


[HISTORY] What was stormed in Paris in 1789?
(The Bastille)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What’s destroyed in Genesis 19:24?
(Sodom and Gomorrah)

[SPORTS] What U.S. female gymnast competed in Bejing with a broken ankle?
(Chellsie Memmel)

[LITERATURE] What country lifted a ban on Aristotle, Shakespeare, and Dickens on February 11th, 1978?

[POLITICS] How many days did Bush stay at the Olympic games in Bejing?

[MUSIC] This musician has garnered much interest from the press for his "Fifty States Project", his aim being to complete an album about each of the states of the United States.
(Sufjan Stevens/ he has only completed Illinois and Michigan)

[CURRENT EVENTS] He turned 82 last Wednesday, still a world and national figure even though he has not been seen in public since falling ill two years ago.
(Fidel Castro)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] Who’s Warren Beatty’s sister?
(Shirley MacLaine)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] This town in Louisiana is known as the “Frog Capital of the World.”

[MISCELLANEOUS] What is the square root of one-quarter?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Next Drink'n'Think: August 19th

Thanks to a small, but loyal, group of competitors last night at Drink'n'Think. Congratulations to Etc. for emerging from a dual with the Dirty Briefs to claim the pot. We have survived the summer and look forward to swelling crowds with the return of the McNeese hopeful.

Here are the questions from last night:


[HISTORY] On this day in 1962, what famous actress was found dead in her Los Angeles home?
(Marilyn Monroe)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] Over the centuries several Bible Scholars have concluded that this fruit, a product of non-sexual reproduction much like Eve, was the real forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

[SPORTS] What cyclist won the 2008 Tour de France?
(Carlos Sastre)

[LITERATURE] Winner of 8 Oscars, Gone With the Wind was adapted from a novel written by what author?
(Margaret Mitchell)

[POLITICS] Last week, Israel’s Prime Minister announced he will stand down in two months, saying that a corruption case involving him is hurting his family. What is his name?
(Ehud Olmert)

[MUSIC] "Pass the Dutchie" was a hit song for this group in the year 1982?
(Musical Youth)

[CURRENT EVENTS] At a farm in Mexico last week, U.S. Food and Drug Administration inspectors found what vegetable contaminated with a rare strain of Salmonella bacteria?
(serrano peppers or chili peppers)

[CINEMA/ TELEVISON] Appearing along with Elijah Wood, what movie did Scarlett Johansson first appear?

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] The Louisiana Swashbucklers concluded the first perfect season in Intense Football League history with a 66-35 victory over what team in Intense Bowl IV last week?
(the Corpus Christi Hammerheads)

[MISCELLANEOUS] How many U.S. states start with the letter “m”?
(8 – Michigan, Minnesota, Main, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, Maryland)


[HISTORY] Tipping the scales at over 300 pounds, this U.S. President often got stuck in the White House's bathtub.
(William Howard Taft)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] How many lenses are in a dragonfly’s eye? a. 3,000 b. 30,000 c. 300,000

[SPORTS] Recently, the New York Yankess acquired what outfielder form the Pittsburgh Pirates in a trade?
(Xavier Nady)

[LITERATURE] in 1971, this Chilean Poet won the Nobel Prize in Literature, dying two years later in 1973.
(Pablo Neruda)

[POLITICS] Last week, what republican senator from Alaska appeared in federal court to answer charges that he lied about hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts from an oil services contractor?
(Ted Stevens)

[MUSIC] Control is a 2007 black-and-white biopic film about the life and death of what former lead singer of Joy Division.
(Ian Curtis)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Just before the Olympics are about to start, seven athletes from what country have been provisionally suspended for doping offences?

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] Care Bears live in their kingdom in the clouds, called what?

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Closed since Hurricane Rita struck, this building located on Kirby Street is undergoing a rebirth of sorts as work began last week to reopen the 52-year-old building.
(the YMCA)

[MISCELLANEOUS] It was the need to protect cigarettes and hard candies from moisture that led to the development of what common kitchen product in 1903?
(Aluminum Foil, developed by Richard S. Reynolds)


[HISTORY] Which became a state first, Alaska or Hawaii?
(Alaska became the 49th state in 1958, Hawaii the 50th in 1959)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] In 2004, Golden Palace Casino paid $28,000 in an Ebay auction to purchase what item, bearing an image of the Virgin Mary.
(a toasted cheese sandwhich)

[SPORTS] On Saturday, this seven-time pro bowl cornerback from the Washington Redskins was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame.
(Darryl Green)

[LITERATURE] Ernest Thayer wrote what famous baseball poem subtitled, "A Ballad of the Republic Sung in the Year 1888"?
(Casey at the Bat)

[POLITICS] Last month President Bush approved the execution of Ronald. A. Gray. This is the first execution in 51 years for someone of what type of classification?
(Military personnel or soldier)

[MUSIC] Taking place in Chicago, Illinois over the weekend, this music festival featured Bloc Party and Radiohead.

[CURRENT EVENTS] According to the New York Times, The United States has significantly underreported the number of what each year, with a recent study showing estimates to be 40 percent higher than previously thought.
(new H.I.V. infections occurring nationally)

[CINEMA/ TELEVISOIN) In the television show “Arrested Development” this woman who plays Gob's accidental wife is, in fact, Will Arnett's (the actor who plays Gob) wife.
(Amy Poehler)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] This man, born in Baton Rouge on June 23, 1956 is best known as a judge on a popular reality television show.
(Randy Jackson)

[MISCELLANEOUS] Al Capone's business card said he was what kind of legitimate business man?
(A furniture dealer)


[HISTORY] This man’s reward-seeking cousin, Robert Ford, shot him in the back of the head on April 3, 1882 – at the age of 34.
(Jesse James)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] On August 1 what was visible from a narrow corridor through northern Canada, Greenland, central Russia, eastern Kazakhstan, western Mongolia and China?
(a Solar Eclipse)

[SPORTS] This coach will try to lead the USA basketball team to gold for the first time since 2000 in the upcoming Olympics.
(Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski)

[LITERATURE] What female poets’s home can be visited at 280 Main Street, Ahmerst, Massachusetts?
(Emily Dickinson)

[POLITICS] Last month, in an attempt to end a 15 billion dollar budget crisis, this state’s governor fired 22,000 state workers and cut the pay of 200,000 more.
(Arnold Schwarzenegger – California)

[MUSIC] Before forming Megadeath in retaliation, Dave Mustaine was kicked out of what band?

[CURRENT EVENTS] Last week, Vietnam's capital absorbed the neighboring province of Ha Tay, tripling its area and doubling its population. What is the name of the capital?

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] This 2007 animated feature is a coming-of-age story of a precocious and outspoken young Iranian girl that begins during the Islamic Revolution.

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Donning an LSU football jersey, this rap star recently made a cameo appearance at a Rotary Club Meeting in Baton Rouge with Les Miles
(Snoop Dogg)

[MISCELLANEOUS] This television duo was named after the cop and the taxi driver in Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
(Bert and Ernie)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Next Drink'n'Think: August 5th

While My Guitar Hero Gently Weeps emerged from the pack in the last round to take home $84 last night. Congratulations.

Here are the questions:


[HISTORY] Henry Ford sold his Model T from 1908 until 1927. The Model T was also known by what famous nickname?
(Tin Lizzie)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What religion’s ultimate reality consists of moving through eight dynamics, culminating in the attainment of Infinity?

[SPORTS] Who hit a record 28 homers in the first round of the All-Star Home Run Derby?
(Josh Hamilton)

[LITERATURE] “Bright Shiny Morning” is the new novel from what discredited memoir writer?
(James Frey)

[POLITICS] What country’s government recently collapsed after failing to heal a rift between French- and Dutch-speaking voters that may threaten to split the country?

[MUSIC] What hip-hop label that released seminal gangster rap albums by Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, has recently been auctioned for $24 million?
(Death Row Records)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Laying the blame on international sanctions, what country’s annual rate of inflation has surged to 2,200,000%, according to official figures?

[CINEMA/ TELEVISON] The 2001 box-office bomb “Kate & Leopold” starred Hugh Jackman and what actress?
(Meg Ryan)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] The U.S. Census Bureau reports that this city was the fastest-growing large city in the nation last year.
(New Orleans)

[MISCELLANEOUS] Though considered a standard of any respectable business in 2008, on March 15, 1985, Symbolics, Inc. was the first company to do what?
(register their domain name as a dot com –


[HISTORY] In 1938, President Roosevelt helped establish the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis which today is known as what organization?
(The March of Dimes).

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] Researchers in Melbourne believe they have discovered a major breakthrough in the fight against what disease - that kills between one and three million people annually and is caused by protozoan parasites?

[SPORTS] What Barcelona forward signed with AC Milan last week in a deal that is worth €21 million?

[LITERATURE] What author of “The Neon Bible” and “A Confederacy of Dunces” was born in New Orleans in 1937?
(John Kennedy Toole)

[POLITICS] Last week, George W. Bush lifted a White House ban on what, urging lawmakers to follow suit?
(offshore oil drilling)

[MUSIC] Contained in the album “Let it Bleed”, which song written by The Rolling Stones was based upon the confessions of Albert De Salvo, the alleged Boston Strangler?
(Midnight Rambler)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Last week, the prosecutor at the International Criminal Court formally requested an arrest warrant last for Omar Hassan al-Bashir, on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity committed during the past five years of bloodshed in what country?

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] Although cut from the feature film, this actor still appeared on the 1992 videotape box cover for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and also acted in the TV series.
(Seth Green)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Who said the following statement last week, “We've said all along that the YMCAs, the Lions Clubs, the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts - all of these are wonderful programs. That doesn't necessarily mean they should be getting state funding.”
(Gov. Jindal after vetoing $16 million in state projects)

[MISCELLANEOUS] This word refers to a type of sofa, a type of overcoat, a brand of cigarettes, and a city in England. What is it?


[HISTORY] What game played by children and adults for centuries as a test of strength became an official event at the second modern Olympic Games in 1900? However, it's time as an official Olympic event was short-lived and it was last played at the Olympics at the 1920 Games.
(Tug of War)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What religious group, considered heretics by orthodox Christians, hold a belief in universal salvation and reject the concept of the Holy Trinity?
(Universalist Unitarians)

[SPORTS] CBS Sports will not bring back what college basketball analyst for another season, after 27 years on the job?
(Billy Packer)

[LITERATURE] In a life seen by many as tragic, this poet produced some of the most wrenching confessional verse of her era in a career that was cut short by her suicide in 1963.
(Sylvia Plath)

[POLITICS] Testifying before the Senate Banking Committee last week, who sounded the warning that rising prices for energy and food are elevating inflation risks?
(Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke)

[MUSIC] What music legend’s twin brother, Jesse Garon, died at birth?

[CURRENT EVENTS] Steven Page, the singer and guitarist from what band, best known for their hit singles "One Week", "Pinch Me” was recently arrested on drug charges in upstate New York.
(Barenaked Ladies)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] Currently, the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California consists of 2,500 stars embedded into the sidewalk. On February, 9, 1960, the very first star was awarded to what actress?
(Joanne Woodward)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] This actor, who plays George Bush in the upcoming Oliver Stone biopic of the US president, was arrested two weeks ago along with six others after police broke up a brawl at the Stray Cat Pub in Shreveport, Louisiana where the movie is being filmed.
(Josh Brolin)

[MISCELLANEOUS] First appearing on the world-stage in 1959 and invented by Ruth Handler, this doll’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts?


[HISTORY] Which Greek physician from the 4th Century B.C. is known as the father of medicine?

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] Which planet has the largest moon?
(Jupiter, and it's called Ganymede, 3.5 times the volume of Earth's moon)

[SPORTS] What former St. Louis Rams head coach will be the offensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers in the 2008-2009 football season?
(Mike Martz)

[LITERATURE] In this 1865 classic novel, a minor thief tries to bury his past and become a respectable town mayor, but the police inspector won't let him. Name the author.
(Les Miserables/ Victor Hugo)

[POLITICS] Infamous for his use of police terror and the frequent mass murders of his own people, he was Time's "Man of the Year" in 1939 and 1942.

[MUSIC] This film premiered in December 1977, and the soundtrack album became the biggest selling of all time. Which film?
(Saturday Night Fever)

[CURRENT EVENTS] This airline recently reported a hefty loss in the second quarter despite a strong increase in sales, pushing it into the red for more than $7 billion since the start of the year.

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] In 1937, Walt Disney studio released the world's first full-length animated film. What was the title?
(Snow White and Seven Dwarfs)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Born in New Orleans in 1939, this man became famous on November 22, 1963.
(Lee Harvey Oswald)

[MISCELLANEOUS] In 1943, French underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau helped create an invention designed for underwater breathing, and 60's British rock group Jethro Tull named an album after it. What is it?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 22, homies!

Next Drink'n'Think: July 22nd

Congratulations to Fathers Against Rude Television (F.A.R.T) for taking home the $93 pot at the most recent Drink'n'Think. A tip of the hat to the Half-Assed Assassins for battling them down to the wire. As always, thanks to everyone else for participating.

Here are the questions from the last Drink'n'Think:


[HISTORY] Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across what ocean?

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] Last month, NASA confirmed the presence of what at the Phoenix Lander site on Mars, after bright clumps uncovered by digging were found to have gone from the solid to gas state?

[SPORTS] What university won its first College World Series last month?
(Fresno State University)

[LITERATURE] In what novel does the character known as Monks do his best to conceal a boy’s identity so that he can claim the boy’s rightful inheritance as his own?
(Oliver Twist)

[POLITICS] On June 26th, President Bush said he intends to remove what nation from the U.S. list of countries that sponsor terrorism, after it released its long-awaited nuclear program declaration?
(North Korea)

[MUSIC] Who is Loretta Lynn’s platinum award-winning, country music-singing sister?
(Crystal Gale)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Recently, in a 5-4 ruling the Supreme Court decided that the handgun ban in the District of Columbia violated what amendment?
(The Second Amendment/ The right to bear arms)

[CINEMA/ TELEVISON] What already established actor played the student-seducing Professor Jennings in National Lampoon’s 1978 film, “Animal House”?
(Donald Sutherland)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] What Sundance award-winning documentary focuses on Lake Charles and uncovers the environmental hazards of PVC production?
(Blue Vinyl)

[MISCELLANEOUS] What’s the world’s smallest ocean?


[HISTORY] Established in 1835, and sharing a name with major league baseball team, they were the first U.S. state police force.
(Texas Rangers)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] First created and consumed by European monks in the 600s, their odd shape represents a child's arms folded in prayer?

[SPORTS] What pitcher was recently released from the Houston Astros after he reportedly grabbed the general manager by the neck and threw him to the ground.
(Shawn Chacon)

[LITERATURE] According to Merriam-Webster, what is the word that means the naming of a thing or action by a vocal imitation of the sound associated with it? For example, “buzz” or “crackle.”

[POLITICS] What five-time Socialist Party of America candidate for President of the United States ran for office in 1920 while imprisoned at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary.
(Eugene Debs)

[MUSIC] A battle of words has been carried out on Youtube between Soulja Boy and what rap legend?

[CURRENT EVENTS] In a secret operation last week, the Colombian military infiltrated rebel group FARC and deceived its members into giving up 15 hostages including what former Colombian presidential candidate?
(Ingrid Betancourt)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] The film industry’s most coveted award, the Oscar, was first presented in what year?
A.) 1927
B.) 1929
C.) 1931

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Selected by the editors of National Geographic Traveler magazine as 1 of 150 must stay places in the United States, this Louisiana plantation is also considered one of America’s most haunted homes.
(The Myrtles Plantation)

[MISCELLANEOUS] What is the name of China´s largest national TV network?
(CCTV/ China Central Television)


[HISTORY] Originally intended to be built in Barcelona, this structure was built between 1887 and 1889 as the entrance arch for a World’s Fair
(Eiffel Tower)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What is the brightest star in the night sky?
(Sirius or Dog Star)

[SPORTS] What is Tiger Woods’ given first name?
(Eldrick/ Eldrick Tont Woods)

[LITERATURE] Which famous writer said, 'Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer'?
(Mark Twain)

[POLITICS] When referring to the situation in Iraq, what 2004 presidential hopeful said he didn’t realize the Bush White House would “Fuck it up” as badly as they did in a Rolling Stone interview?
(John Kerry)

[MUSIC] Frank Ferranno is better known as what 80’s hair metal rocker?
(Nikki Sixx)

[CURRENT EVENTS] A researcher at Texas A&M recently published a study demonstrating that eating the rind of what fruit has the same effect as Viagra?

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] Which Looney Toons character was famous for saying, “Sufferin’ succotash!”?

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] A graduate of John Ehret High School in Marrero, Louisiana this former NFL Quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears recently made a guest appearance on Deal or No Deal.
(Kordell Stewart)

[MISCELLANEOUS] What animal’s name means “river horse”?
(the hippopotamus)


[HISTORY] In 1947, what U.S. President made the first-ever televised presidential address from the White House?
(Harry S. Truman)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What spiritual religion of Indian origin, dating back at least as far as the 9th century BCE, places a special emphasis on “non-injury” to all living things, including non-visible minute creatures?

[SPORTS] Who was the New Orleans Hornets first pick in the 2008 draft?
(Darrell Arthur from Kansas)

[LITERATURE] Opus is the hapless penguin in what comic strip?
(Bloom County)

[POLITICS] What former North Carolina Senator died on the 4th of July at the age of 86?
(Jesse Helms)

[MUSIC] After appearing in one of his music videos, this singer/actress has Pharrell Williams producing her third album entitled, Spirit in the Dark.
(Lindsay Lohan)

[CURRENT EVENTS] What popular chain announced that it will close 600 underperforming shops in the United States?

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What television show told the story of the Ingalls family while they lived in Walnut Grove, Minnesota?
(Little House on the Prairie)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Louisiana was sold by Napoleon to the United States in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase, but in what year did it become an official state?
(Louisiana became the 18th state on April 30, 1812)

[MISCELLANEOUS] How many sides does a dodecagon have?

Tie Breaker Question:

According to city, how many females live in Westlake, Louisiana?

Answer: 2,431

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Next Drink'n'Think: July 8th

Well, Lazy Genius cemented their status of dominance last night by winning yet another Drink'n'Think. In order to prevent any Drink'n'Think monopolies from forming, Alex and myself have decided to break up the team. They will still be able to participate...just not on the same team.

Last night was the 10th anniversary of our first trivia event. In a fitting tribute, our turnout mirrrored the inaugural event back in November of 2007.

We will back in two weeks for another round. A publicity blitz for the next event is forthcoming. See you there.

The questions from last night:


[HISTORY] What historic artifacts were found in the Qum'ran Canyon?
(Dead Sea Scrolls)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What element was discovered to exist in the Sun before it was found on Earth?

[SPORTS] Who did the Celtics draft number two overall in the 1986 draft but never played one minute for them?
(Len Bias)

[LITERATURE] What author of “American Gods” and “Anansi Boys” also co-wrote the screenplay for Beowulf?
(Neil Gaiman)

[POLITICS] Last week, Israel and what militant group agreed to end months of bitter clashes with a six-month truce?

[MUSIC] Guitarist Saul Hudson is better known by what name?

[CURRENT EVENTS] A new constitution comes into force in what republic, whose February declaration of independence has been recognized by 43 United Nations member states?
(Republic of Kosovo)

[CINEMA/ TELEVISON] What cocktail was featured prominently in the 1998 movie, “The Big Lebowski”?
(White Russian)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Zachary Levi, born in Lake Charles, is the star of what NBC television show?

[MISCELLANEOUS] Later a fad, what item was first used in 1972 by John Stalberger as a tool to help rehabilitate his injured knee?
(Hacky Sack)


[HISTORY] Although it is disputed, what woman is credited with designing and sewing the first American Flag?
(Betsy Ross)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] According to the tenets in this Haitian religion, derived from traditional beliefs of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, a dead person can be revived with no will of his/her own and used as a slave or “zombie”.

[SPORTS] The 2008 UEFA Euro Cup is being jointly hosted by what two countries?
(Switzerland and Austria)

[LITERATURE] This “Jungle Book” author, and first person to win the Nobel Prize for literature, was born in Bombay.
(Rudyard Kipling)

[POLITICS] What German political leader was known as the "Iron Chancellor"?
(Otto von Bismarck)

[MUSIC] The relatively unknown band Creaky Boards recently made headlines by publicly accusing what super group of stealing one of its main melodies for their newly released album “Death and All His Friends”?
(Cold Play)

[CURRENT EVENTS] NBC News' Washington Bureau Chief died suddenly two weeks ago. Who was he?
(Tim Russert)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] Before he died in the show’s sixth season, what was the name of Lisa’s jazz mentor on the Simpsons?
(Bleeding Gums Murphy)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Last week, the Louisiana Senate by a vote of 36-0 passed a bill that says teachers may use materials to supplement standard textbooks to the extent permitted by the local school board. This promptly brought condemnation from Americans United for Separation of Church and State. What was the name of the act?
(Louisiana Science Education Act)

[MISCELLANEOUS] Which of the Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal characters wears a red-and-white striped hat?


[HISTORY] What happened on Black Friday, September 24, 1869?

1.) Fisk-Gould Financial Scandal
2.) San Francisco Earthquake
3.) Official Start of the American Civil War

(Fisk-Gould Financial Scandal)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] A tornado occurring over water is called what?

[SPORTS] Had Rocco Mediate beaten Tiger Woods last week he would have become the oldest U.S. Open Champion in history replacing what golfer?
(Hale Irwin – 1990 – aged 45 years and 15 days)

[LITERATURE] What Tom Robbins novel tells the story of a janitor with a missing bottle containing the secret essence of the universe?
(Jitterbug Perfume)

[POLITICS] What was the original name of Camp David?
(Shangri-La by President Franklin Roosevelt. President Dwight D. Eisenhower renamed it
during his term of office.)

[MUSIC] What alternative rock group formed in 1984 kicks off their “Don’t Judge Me…Empower Me” tour with opening acts Lil’ Mama and MC Lyte?

[CURRENT EVENTS] Last week, the New York Mets fired their manager after a disappointing first half of the season? Who was he?
(Willie Randolph)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] Don Imus and John Bowman were the original hosts for what cable TV network when it premiered in 1985?

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Performing at Delta Downs last Friday, the members of this group met as freshmen at Tuskegee University in 1968?
(The Commodores)

[MISCELLANEOUS] On this day in 1997, U.S. Air Force officials released a 231-page report dismissing long-standing claims of an alien spacecraft crash in what city?


[HISTORY] Name the Roman emperor who died after being fed poisonous mushrooms.

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] A baby oyster is called which of the following:


[SPORTS] The Chicago Bears recently cut what running back after being charged with drunk driving twice in two months?
(Cedric Benson)

[LITERATURE] What author’s books include “We Were the Mulvaneys” and “Rape: A Love Story”
(Joyce Carol Oates)

[POLITICS] Following the 2004 enlargement of the European Union, which member state has the smallest population?

[MUSIC] A May 31st Proclamation by the President of the United States of America has officially made June 2008 the celebration of what?
(Black Music/ June 2008 is Black Music Month)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Earlier this month, several hundred thousand people demonstrated in the streets of Seoul, South Korea against the government's decision to resume imports of what American product, which was banned in 2003?
(Beef/ In 2003 it was banned for fear of mad cow disease)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] Last month, Fox bought the distribution rights to the bastardized sequel of Richard Kelly’s 2001 debut film? What is the name of the original film?
(Donnie Darko/ Sequel: “S. Darko”)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Tabasco is trademarked as the brand name for the tabasco sauce marketed by what company based in Avery Island, Louisiana?
(The Mc.Ilhenny Company)

[MISCELLANEOUS] What internet browser recently released version 3.0 and is attempting to
set the world record for most downloads

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Next Drink'n'Think: June 24th

In the continuing battle for supremacy of drink'n'think, Lazy Genius scored a victory last 1 point. However, lost in the shuffle was the fact that What Would Jesus Do For A Klondike Bar was 3 points off the lead with only 2 people on their team!?

Thanks to everyone for coming out and making another successful drink'n'think. The next drink'n'think will be our 10th event.

Questions from last night:


[HISTORY] What space shuttle tragically exploded on January 29th, 1986?

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What French Theologian was exiled from Geneva, Switzerland because he and his colleagues were accused of wanting to create a new papacy?
(John Calvin)

[SPORTS] 1978 was the last year a horse won the U.S. Triple Crown. What was the name of the Horse?

[LITERATURE] What Pultizer Prize-winning book by Alex Haley was accused of plagiarizing a large section from "The African," a 1967 novel by author Hal Courlander.

[POLITICS] What former press secretary for G.W. Bush recently published his memoirs calling the current administration “insular, secretive and combative”?
(Scott McClellan)

[MUSIC] From June 12th-15th Manchester, Tennessee hosts what music festival?

[CURRENT EVENTS] On June 2nd The United Nations Security Council unanimously passed a declaration allowing foreign naval vessels to enter what countries territorial waters to deal with pirates?

[CINEMA/ TELEVISON] According to IMDB, what television and movie star was originally cast as Indiana Jones, but turned it down to continue in his current role as a Hawaii based private investigator?
(Tom Selleck)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] What is the official motto for the State of Louisiana?
(Union, Justice, and Confidence)

[MISCELLANEOUS] Men's Health Magazine's recently ranked The Unhealthiest Drinks in America. Consisting of 2,310 calories, 266g sugar, and 108g fat, what 32 oz. drink took the top prize:

A.) Krispy Kreme’s Very Berry Chiller
B.) Baskin Robbin’s Heath Bar Shake
C.) Starbucks’ Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino
D.) Sonic’s Banana Cream Pie Shake

(Baskin Robbin’s Heath Bar Shake)


[HISTORY] The shortest war in history, roughly 45 minutes, took place between Great Britain and what county in 1896.
(Zanzibar surrendered after 45 minutes)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] The atomic number for nickel is 28. How many electrons are found in a neutral atom of nickel?
(28) The number of electrons in a neutral atom is equal to the number of
protons in the nucleus, or the atomic number

[SPORTS] The Louisiana Swashbucklers belong to, and are currently undefeated, in what football league?
(The Intense Football League)

[LITERATURE] In Russell Ash's “The Top 10 of Everything 2002,” the author provides a list of the 10 bestselling books of all time. The Bible is ranked no. 1. What book is ranked no. 2?
(Quotations from Chairman Mao or The Little Red Book by Mao Tse-Tung)

[POLITICS] Who is the current Prime Minister of Australia?
(Kevin Rudd)

[MUSIC] This New Orleans rapper’s much-anticipated album Tha Carter III, released today, was reportedly leaked early by a DJ who was seeking revenge on the star.
(Lil Wayne or Weezy)

[CURRENT EVENTS] What actress, who appeared in Showgirls and P.S. I Love You, is demanding a retraction from Vanity Fair after the magazine reported that former President Clinton has been seen visiting her in California?
(Gina Gershon)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What movie took home the Best Movie Award from the 2008 MTV Movie Awards?

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Although forming May 31st off the Yucatan Peninsula, the first named storm of the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season quickly made landfall at the Belize-Mexico border. What was the name of the tropical storm?

[MISCELLANEOUS] A year after his death in 2006, this foreign leader’s body was found with a stake through its heart, apparently in order to curb any aspirations of his rising as a vampire.
(Slobodan Milosevic)

Source: Vampire slayer impales Milošević to stop return by Gabriel Ronay,, retrieved 9 November 2007


[HISTORY] How many of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still exist?
(1 - the Great Pyramid of Giza)
The lost wonders include the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] Which planet revolves around the sun in 88 days?

[SPORTS] Recently Sports Illustrated ranked the 50 highest-earning athletes in the U.S. Earning $127 million last year, what athlete ranked no. 1?
(Tiger Woods)

[LITERATURE] What author of “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” and “What Is the What” is also the founder of McSweeney's, an independent publishing house?
(Dave Eggers)

[POLITICS] Who ran for President of the United States in 1928 with the campaign slogan "A chicken in every pot and a car in every backyard, to boot "?
(Herbert Hoover)

[MUSIC] According to Gamespot, following in the footsteps of Aerosmith, what band will be featured in the 2009 edition of Guitar Hero?

[CURRENT EVENTS] Earlier this month, in the aftermath of inflammatory remarks by his longtime pastor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama resigned his 20 year membership in what church?
(Trinity United Church of Christ)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] The Sex and the City film was originally slated for production shortly after the end of the TV series in 2004. But production was halted when what actress pulled out of the film after being unable to reach a salary agreement with HBO?
(Kim Cattrall – Samantha Jones)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] After leaving Sal Paradise in Mexico, the famous Dean Moriarty's car breaks down in Lake Charles, Louisiana in what famous book?
(On The Road)

[MISCELLANEOUS] What 13-year-old from West Lafayette, Indiana recently won the 2008 Scripps National Spelling Bee?
(Sameer Mishra)


[HISTORY] According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the largest recorded earthquake in the world was a magnitude 9.5 and occurred on May 22, 1960 in what country?

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] Tom Monaghan, the Catholic philanthropist who started Ave Maria University and endorsed Mitt Romney in his campaign for the presidency, made his fortune with what fast-food chain?
(Domino’s Pizza)

[SPORTS] What four time winner of the Indy 500 announced his retirement on May 17th, 1994?
(Al Unser, Jr.)

[LITERATURE] What current best-selling book by Randy Pausch gives lessons and morals for his young and infant children to learn once he passes away from terminal cancer?
(The Last Lecture)

[POLITICS] Who is the longest-serving member in the history of the Senate? He is also the oldest current member of the United States Congress. Byrd has held the office since January 3, 1959
(Robert C. Byrd, West Virginia)

[MUSIC] “Anywhere I Lay My Head”, featuring ten songs written by Tom Waits, is the debut album by what actress?
(Scarlett Johansson)

[CURRENT EVENTS] On June 3rd, a Paris court convicted what actress of provoking discrimination and racial hatred for writing a letter to then-Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy that Muslims are destroying France.
(Brigitte Bardot)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What Melrose Place spin-off first aired in 1994 and starred Linda Gray as Hillary Michaels, the mother of Amanda Woodward from 'Melrose Place'.
(Models, Inc).

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] According to the Times of Southwest Louisiana’s 2008 Reader’s Poll, what restaurant was voted Best Home Cookin’ Like Your Mama’s?
(Cajun Café)

[MISCELLANEOUS] What national chain restaurant has recently come under fire for its student essay writing contest that explicitly excludes home-schooled children?