Thursday, May 29, 2008

Drink'n'Think: June 10th

The next Drink'n'Think will be June 10th at RikenJaks. Sign-ups begin at 8:30 p.m. and trivia starts at 9:00 p.m. $3/person with up to 6 people on a team. We are going to experiment with a new scoring system to give everyone an equal shot at winning till the last round. In Rounds 1-3 every correct answer will be worth 1 point. In the last round every correct answer will be worth 2 points. With the new system, bombing a single round won't eliminate a team from competition because they will have a chance to catch up in the last round.

Also, Trivial Pursuit has been added to the list of suspect sources.

Brandy Chastain and Lake Placid should file a grievance with Parker Brothers

Finally, several people have expressed interest in having the old questions posted. The day after each Drink'n'Think I will post the questions and answers on this blog.

Round 1

[HISTORY] Who was the first Tsar of Russia?
(Ivan IV the terrible)

[RELIGION] In 1517, Martin Luther initiated the starting point of Protestantism by
posting how many “Theses" on the door of a church in Wittenberg?

[SPORTS] Who was the first team to lose three consecutive NBA Championships?
(New York Knicks)

[LITERATURE] In “The Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis - what is the name of
Lucy's older sister?

[POLITICS] What politican was recently diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor?
(Ted Kennedy)

[MUSIC] On May 19th, television's Richard Lloyd, the Misfits' Bobby Steele, Local H
and many, many more celebrate what deceased punk rocker's 57th birthday at
the Fillmore East in New York?
(Joey Ramone)

[CURRENT EVENTS] On May 20th, the drug maker Merck agreed to pay $58 million as part
of a settlement that claimed its ads for what once-popular
painkiller deceptively played down the health risks.

[CINEMA/ TELEVISON] During the show’s run, how many times was Ross Geller of
TV’s “Friends” married?

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] On May 17th, a freight train derailed in Lafayette, Louisiana
spilling 10,000 gallons of what?
(Hydrocloric Acid)

[MISCELLANEOUS] What color has a longer wavelength than any other?


[HISTORY] What United States Governor from a southern state was shot and paralyzed
while campaigning for President of the United States in 1972?
(George Wallace, Alabama)

[RELIGION] In the Bible, what are the eight blessings in the “Sermon on the Mount”
(the Beatitudes)

[SPORTS] When this U.S. women’s soccer team member clinched the 1999 Women’s World
Cup Final with a penalty kick, she celebrated by ripping off her team
(Mia Hamm)/ Correction: Brandy Chastain

[LITERATURE] In this Greek play by Aristophanes, Athenian socialites withhold
passion from their frustrated husbands until a peace treaty is finally
signed with Sparta.

[POLITICS] After completing high school, Barack Obama moved to Los Angeles and
attended Occidental College for two years. To which Ivy League
institution did he subsequently transfer?
(Columbia – BA Political Science 1983)

[MUSIC] Which rock and roll cult hero has recorded with the Bad Seeds for 25 years?
(Nick Cave)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Earlier this month in California, The Assembly Revenue and Taxation
Committee considered a bill that will be boost tax revenue from 8
to 25 percent in what industry?
(adult entertainment)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What annual awards have been presenting Dis-Honors for Worst
Achievements in Film since 1980?
(The Razzies)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] What is the primary newspaper of Baton Rouge, Louisiana?
(The Advocate)

[MISCELLANEOUS] What brand of popcorn claims to be “as much fun to make as it is to eat?”
(Jiffy Pop)


[HISTORY] In 1978, what state became home to the first legal U.S. Casino opened
outside of Nevada?
(New Jersey)

[RELIGION] What is the first month in the Islamic calender?

[SPORTS] Who was the first unseeded player to win Wimbledon?
(Boris Becker – 1985 – 17 yrs old.)

[LITERATURE] Name the Dublin-born playwright and winner of the 1925 Nobel Prize
in Literature who wrote Candida and Pygmalion, among other famous plays.
(George Bernard Shaw)

[POLITICS] What former chess champion was giving a speech to unite political forces
against Putin when a radio-controlled penis flew across the room to some
applause and laughter.
(Garry Kasparov)

[MUSIC] What is the best-selling album of the sound scan era in the United States
according to the Recording Industry Association of America? Nielsen
SoundScan began tracking sales data for Billboard on March 1, 1991.
You can give either the album or the artist.
(Come on over – Shania Twain – 15.5 million)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Who recently filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Ben
Stein’s movie “Expelled”?
(Yoko Ono for the use of John Lennon’s “Imagine”)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] In the 1971 movie musical “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate
Factory,” name the only child (other than Charlie) who
sings a song.
(Veruca Salt)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] The oldest town in Louisiana, perched on Cane River Lake, was
first established as a fort and trading post in 1714 to
prevent the Spanish from encroaching on French territory

[MISCELLANEOUS] What kid’s toy, marketed by “Uncle Milton” Levine since
1956, has sold over 20 million units to date?
(the Ant farm)


[HISTORY] Who was the first male to appear on the cover of Playboy in 1964?
(Peter Sellers)

[RELIGION] The Vedas are the primary text of what major religion?

[SPORTS] What city hosted the 1980 Winter Olympic Games?
(Moscow) Correction: Lake Placid, NY

[LITERATURE] What writer’s children’s books included “James and Giant Peach”?
(Roald Dahl)

[POLITICS] Who is the current president of Russia?
(Dmitry Medvedev)

[MUSIC] Who was the lead singer of the Talking Heads?
(David Byrne)

[CURRENT EVENTS] On May 20th, a U.S. Navy plane violated what country’s airspace?

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What star of the Breakfast Club was also part of the
orginal cast of “The Facts of Life”?
(Molly Ringwald)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] Name the song by The Band which mentions Lake Charles, LA.
(Up on Cripple Creek)

[MISCELLANEOUS] In what city was a Disney theme park opened in 1983?
(Tokyo, Japan)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Poster for May 27

Next trivia, next trivia... and here's the poster to go with it:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Drink'n'Think Pots on the Rise

Attendance at Drink'n'Think has been steadily increasing since our humble beginnings back in November. As a corollary, our pots have been steadily increasing as well. The last two trivia nights have been played for $75 and $100.

Is it word of mouth? Is it the artistic signs? Is it Alex? Is it lack of anything better to do on a Tuesday night in Lake Charles? Who knows?

Thanks to everyone who has been participating. The next Drink'n'Think will be May 27th. You know the time and place.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Drink'n'Think May 13th @ Rikenaks

8:30 sign-ups
9:00 start time
$3/person up to 4 people per team