Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Drink'n'Think 4 Eva

Congratulations to the Fighting Curzons for taking home the win last night. Thank you to everyone for supporting DnT these last two years. However, fear not, Muff and Dye will bring Drink'n'Think back in September. Long live banal minutia.


[HISTORY] The United States recognized what country's Independence on July 4, 1946 in the Treaty of Manila?

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What spiritual leader turned 74 yesterday?

(Dalai Lama)

[SPORTS] The New Jersey Nets recently traded Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson to the Orlando Magic for three players. Name 1 of the 3

(Rafer Alston, Tony Battie and Courtney Lee)

[LITERATURE] Who is the richest character in the Wind in the Willows?

(Mr. Toad)

[POLITICS] The governor of South Carolina is being investigated for using state money in his trips to see his mistress in Argentina. Who is he?

(Mark Sanford)

[MUSIC] Of the 9 children in the Jackson family, who is the youngest?

(Janet Jackson)

[CURRENT EVENTS] What famous Hollywood star died at the age 86 last month?

(Ed McMahon)

[CINEMA/ TELEVISION] Who turned down the role of Danny in Grease for fear of being typecast?

(Henry Winkler - The Fonz)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] What rare creature was spotted in Calcasieu Lake again after a long absence?

(Albino or pink dolphin)

[MISCELLANEOUS] One of the world's largest BitTorrent trackers (based in Sweden), confirmed last week that it would be acquired by Global Gaming Factory X for 7.8 million dollars. What is the name of the site?

(Pirate Bay)


[HISTORY] Who was the 32nd president of the U.S.?

(Franklin D. Roosevelt)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What is the heaviest breed of bear?


[SPORTS] What sport other than ice-skating was Tara Lipinkski a national champ in?
(roller skating)

[LITERATURE] What musical is based on the play Pygmalion?

(My Fair Lady)

[POLITICS] Last week President Obama signed into law a federal program that provides consumers with a rebate for trading in less fuel-efficient vehicles for more fuel efficient vehicles. What is the name of the federal program?
(Car Allowance Rebate System or Cash for Clunkers)

[MUSIC] What musical group originally included LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett?

(Destiny's Child)

[CURRENT EVENTS] According to recent obesity rankings, what state has the highest rate of overweight and obese children at 44.4%?

(Mississippi - followed by Arkansas (37.5%) and Georgia (37.3%)

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What sport was played by the Mighty Pigs who were coached by Chief Wiggum on The Simpsons?


[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] A recent report in the Houston Business Journal analyzed the top 250 metropolitan area growth patterns. According to their projections, Lake Charles will drop from 207 to where on the list?

A.) 215

B.) 236

C.) 249


[MISCELLANEOUS] What state after Idaho grow the most potatoes each year?



[HISTORY] What country made history in 1893 by giving its women the right to vote?

(New Zealand)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What nationality was Pope John Paul II?


[SPORTS] Ron Artest is leaving the Houston Rockets to play for what NBA team?

(the Lakers)

[LITERATURE] What D. H. Lawrence novel was originally titled tenderness?

(Lady Chatterley's Lover)

[POLITICS] The 8th United States Secretary of Defense died yesterday. Who was he?

(Robert McNamara)

[MUSIC] Which former member of the Rolling Stones was 47 when he started dating 13-year-old Mandy Smith, his future wife?

(Bill Wyman)

[CURRENT EVENTS] More than five years after its release, Google is removing the "beta" label from what application, signaling that the product is now fully functional?


[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What war is taking place in the novel Lord of the Flies?

(World War II)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] The City of Welsh, Louisiana celebrated the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States for the first time ever last month. What is the name of the celebration?

[MISCELLANEOUS] What crazy nickname is given to the Canadian dollar coin due to the bird pictured on it?



[HISTORY] Who devised the towering framework that supports the Statue of Liberty?

(Alexandre Gustave Eiffel)

[RELIGION/SCIENCE] What does the medical acronym PET stand for?

(Positron emission tomography)

[SPORTS] It is rumored that the Tribune company has sold the Chicago Cubs to the founder of TD Ameritrade for $900 million. Who is he?

(Joe Ricketts)

[LITERATURE] What author is causing a stir in his new book, "Bobbie and Jackie: A Love Story" by claiming that

Jacqueline Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy had a long-term affair after JFK was assassinated?

(C. David Heymann)

[POLITICS] During a June 19th radio debate, what Pennsylvania State Senator repeatedly asserted that same-sex marriage is wrong, dysfunctional, and would lead to polygamy and marrying younger people?

(John Eichelberger)

[MUSIC] What was the Police's biggest selling single?

(Every Breath You Take)

[CURRENT EVENTS] Police arrested 36 activists after clashes at a demonstration against this week's G-8 summit in what city?

[CINEMA/TELEVISION] What movie director played the Cook County Assessor's Office Clerk in The Blues Brothers?

(Steven Spielberg)

[LOCAL KNOWLEDGE] What exhibit recently opened at Historic City telling the story of the Negro Baseball League of the 1920s?
(We are the Ship)

[MISCELLANEOUS] What is the largest island in the Atlantic?


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